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How to write a training program

Training varies from person to person however there are so rules every good training program needs to inculpate to maximise muscle growth

Progressive overload Rest and recovery Intensity and volume

Perfecting these three things are the key to maximising muscle growth

What is progressive overload? Progressive overload simply means that you are working harder then last time. This could be that you are doing an extra rep and extra 1kg anything you can do to increase your work load.

How do you incorpate rest and recovery into a plan?

This is the most important out of all three, you don't grow when you are in the gym you grow when you are resting. If you are pushing hard in the gym and working harde every time you go into the gym you will need to have planned out rest days. I would recommend having these rest days after your biggest movements normally back and legs. You will also need a full week off the gym every couple of month to get fully recovered and fresh.

Intensity and volume

Volume simply means that the amount of work you are dong for example if you squatted 100kg for 10 reps and 3 sets you would have done 3000kg worth of volume on this exercise. Intensity is the how hard you are pushing and your persived work rate 10 being you couldn't do another rep 1 being you had another 20 in the tank. The sweat spot for maximum muscle growth is somewhere in the middle, try to stay withing 6-12 reps per set and perform the exercise with perfect form until you can do only one more rep

So these are the cornerstones of training how would you apply them

Day by Day

As mentioned before we should be utilising a rest day after the big movements legs and back this is one of the most optimal way s to separate your training days

Monday Chest and Biceps Tuesday Legs Wednesday Rest Thursday Shoulders and triceps Friday Back Saturday Rest Sunday Chest and biceps

This split allows you to hit each muscle group 2 times a weeks and have optimal rest to promote the recovery from each workout

Rep ranges

As i previously advised 6-12 is the magic number when it comes to muscle growth. What is optimal is working in the lover end of this rep range first or example doing your first set of 6-8 then on the second set dropping the weight down to get more reps in the 10-12 rep range. This way you are hitting both heavy and light which means you are able to hit both slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fiblers

How long should i run a program for

Minimum of 6 months, if you are changing your traing program every month you will struggle to find what is working for you as you don't give your body time to adapt to the program. By all means try out a new exercise from time to time log the rests and see if you have made better progress because of the change

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