Fibre Plus

Fibre Plus



  • Info

    Fibre plus is a multi-fibres blend, providing 513mg of dietary fibre per capsule.

    The high-quality fibre is derived from psyllium husk, flaxseed, sugar beet, prune juice, fig fruit, rhubarb, pectin and other naturally high-fibre foods and herbs.

    This fibre complex will provide the user with a healthy combination of both insoluble and soluble fibre (a key ingredient to a healthy, varied and balanced diet). It is more than just roughage – it also provides cellulose, pectin, hemicellulose, lignin and gums.

    Ideal support for regularity, an increase in faecal bulk, normal bowel function and a low toxic load.

  • Ingredients

    100 capsules per pot

     Per capsule:
    Psyllium husk powder - 500mg
    Flaxseed powder - 70mg
    Sugar beet fibre - 60mg
    Fenugreek powder - 40mg
    Apple pectin powder - 20mg
    Rhubarb extract 30:1 (equivalent to 450mg fresh rhubarb powder) - 15mg
    Prune juice fruit extract 5:1 (equivalent to 50mg fresh prune juice) - 10mg
    Broccoli extract 15:1 (0.5% sulphurophane) (equivalent to 75mg fresh broccoli powder) - 5mg
    Carrot powder - 5mg
    Fig fruit extract 4:1 (equivalent to 20mg fresh fig powder) - 5mg
    Fennel seed powder - 5mg

    Dietary fibre: 513mg per capsule.

    Ingredients: Psyllium Husk Powder, Capsule: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) (Vegetarian), Flaxseed Powder, Sugar Beet Fibre Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Apple Pectin Powder, Rhubarb ext 30:1, Prune Juice Fruit ext 5:1, Broccoli ext 15:1, Carrot Powder, Fig Fruit ext 4:1, Fennel Seed Powder

    Contains no added: artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives, dairy products, gluten, lactose, soya, sugar, wheat or yeast.
    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
    Kosher approved.