Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein



  • Info

    Hemp Protein is becoming more and more popular among bodybuilders because of the health benefits it provides. Hemp Protein contains all the 21 known amino acids. This includes the 9 essential amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own and must take from dietary sources. Making Hemp a great all round protein.

    Why did we design this Hemp Protein?

    When creating this protein we wanted to make a balanced all round protein that provides a great protein profile and provides a range of health benefits. We believe we have done that. We have created a protein that has got high fibre (16g per 100gs) and rich in Omega fatty acids but we didn’t stop there. Including acai berry, beetroot and blackcurrants making this a perfect antioxidant as well. Why just have the benefit of protein when you can have all of these benefits?

    When should you take Hemp Protein?

    Hemp protein is taken like any other protein, shake and drink. Perfect for pre or post workout shake or simply as a tasty high protein shake throughout the day. Check out this study about the benefits of post-workout protein.

  • Ingredients

    Typical Values 100g 30g serving
    Energy 1532KJ




    8.0 2.4
    Of which saturates 1.0 0.3
    Of which monounsaturates 1.1 0.3
    Of which polyunsaturates 6.6 2.0
    Carbohydrates 20.3 6.1
    Of which sugars 3.2 1
    Fibre 16.2 4.9
    Protein 45.2 13.6
    Salt 0 0