Signature Pre-Workout

Signature Pre-Workout



  • Info

    This Pre-workout comes loaded with over 17 grams of powerful active ingredients, providing powerful nootropics and pump inducing technology to deliver maximum effectiveness for each and every training session. This one of a kind pre-workout is for anybody wanting to bring their workouts to the next level.

  • Ingredients

    Citrulline malate (10 Grams) increases nitric oxide production, which induces bigger pumps and supports muscular endurance and recovery.

    Beta-Alanine(4 Grams) is an amino acid that gets used to produce carnosine which greatly increases performance in the gym. Beta-Alanine has also been shown to increase the natural production of IGF1 and increases the Human growth hormone.

    Taurine(1000mg) is a muscle premier which increases your muscles ability to contract and work harder for longer

    L-tyrosine(1000mg) is a powerful nootropic increasing level of neurotransmitters (dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine)

    Caffeine(300mg) is a fast-acting stimulation with increase alertness and focus

    L-Theanine(200mg) is a cognitive enhancer, increasing serotonin and dopamine which has been shown to increase cognitive ability as well as reducing cortisol (the stress hormone)

    Niacin(20mg)  is required for oxidative reactions crucial for energy production.